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Project Risk Management

The most famous and critical global infrastructure projects have had a library of problems. Cost overruns, delays, failed procurement, unforeseen challenges that put the project at risk, and unavailability of financing are just a few of them. Risks injected or unreported in one phase can have a huge impact later, sometimes putting the viability and even the solvency of the infrastructure enabler at risk. Throughout the careers of our team at i2R, we have experienced that it is mission-critical to manage project risk at every stage. Proper risk identification and risk allocation have a direct bearing on risk handling and project performance and productivity. Under-managing risks bring direct value losses, not to mention the loss in reputation and sustainability.

Our Project & Project Risk Management approach includes risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning controlling risks to achieve goals. We help you increase the likelihood and impact of positive risk while decreasing the probability and harmful effects of negative risk. Instead of bringing you an off-the-shelf solution, we will assess risk appetite, risk tolerance, risk threshold, risk ownership and strategy for stakeholders for your unique situation. We enable successful delivery through risk-adjusted processes, risk governance and an effective risk-return culture.

Our Project Risk Management team has hands-on experience on complete range of Engineering Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM) services from pre-bid to completion of projects such as:

  •  Engineering Program Management and Planning.
  •  Schedule monitoring.
  •  Supply Chain Management (including procurement and cost monitoring, Quality, Inspection, Safety and Equipment Management and Commissioning support).
We offer the following sub-services in Lifecycle Project Risk Management:
  •  Risk Management Planning.
  •  Risk Identification.
  •  Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  •  Risk Response Planning.
  •  Risk Controlling.
  •  Project Supervision.
  •  Quality Assurance & Quality Control.
  •  Project Management.

Our team focuses on risk optimization, not just on mitigating schedule and cost overruns. We help you instill a proactive risk-return culture and integrated risk management practices, rather than reactive or siloed fire-fighting.

Our risk management services go beyond ensuring compliance and project delivery. i2R’s through-the-lifecycle risk management offer serves as a core driver of profit and loss, value creation and competitiveness for our clients.

We do offer services on Management Information Systems Reporting (MISR).
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