8-2-601/1/B (Mega City 452), Road Number 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Why i2R

i2R is tapping into and helping shape a blue ocean service industry. We provide much-needed design management, through-the-lifecycle project and risk management services for infrastructure projects. We balance exuberance and risk-taking spirit with decades of successful delivery experience, deep industry and domain knowledge and technical and legal expertise. We partner with our clients to institute processes and practices on projects that will deliver value beyond just one engagement. And we take pride in working as a team on projects that have the potential to benefit economies and communities.

i2R is a workplace as well as an innovation lab of best practices. Our team and clients benefit from our collective experience as well as from a transparent and open work culture. Instead of implementing off-the-shelf solutions, we look at each client’s unique needs, decisions and challenges as opportunities to unlock value. This provides our team with learning and growth choices on every project. Our industry, our client’s challenges, our body of knowledge and solutions and our entrepreneurial team members make i2R a great place to grow with.

What can make you a great fit for i2R

You thrive in an innovation and performance-oriented culture, demonstrate high accountability and are a life-long learner.

You are also:

  • invested in infrastructure construction as an engine of economic growth,
  • have requisite experience in design, project risk, contract or claims management and
  • have a passion for helping clients realize value and optimize returns from engagements.

i2R would love to have you onboard. Please check out available openings, to see if we can work together. You could also connect with us on LinkedIn, so we can start a conversation and keep you informed about developments.

Diversity & Inclusion at i2R

We are committed to equal employment opportunities, irrespective of gender, race, beliefs, orientation, age and any other form of discrimination. If your values are aligned to ours and if your expertise and ambition will enrich the i2R team and our clients, you are an asset to us. Beyond commonly discussed dimensions of diversity, we also emphasize diversity of thought—the great enabler of innovation and successful delivery. Our business success and reputation rests on the ability to anticipate and manage risks, resolve conflicts, learn from failures and most of all from managing stakeholders across public and private sectors. We practice and demand inclusion. This makes diversity a key input in our operations as well as an enabler of success.