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i2R Consulting Pvt Ltd (estd. May 2015) supports infrastructure enablers to transform ideas into reality for their clients. We enable some of the most critical and inevitable aspects of complex infrastructure projects. We help manage and mitigate risks to scope, schedule and cost, while protecting and growing overall sustainability as a business.

Infrastructure projects carry critical risks. These may arise from frequent design changes, unforeseen challenges such as disputed ground, geological obstacles, buried utilities, heritage sites, religious structures, stakeholder changes etc. Unless these risks are identified at the right time, and controlled and managed effectively, they lead to cost overruns and delays, and have a domino effect—sometimes even drying up financing. i2R helps manage designs, project risks, contracts and claims. In the process, we make a difference to our clients’ financial, strategic, operational and organizational results.

We begin with your ideas about the project at hand. We believe it is important that we understand the why and the how about your business as a whole. This alignment is crucial to partnering with you to helping you shape the project to completion. We evaluate and improve on your designs and the economic structure of your project, help you analyze, monitor, control and respond to risks throughout the lifecycle and we help you manage contracts and process claims to the optimum benefit of all stakeholders involved. From pre-bid and due diligence through project completion and closure, i2R helps you and your team navigate to success that is also sustainable.

Our team of thirty-six (and growing) at i2R is the key to managing this transformation for you. Over the years, we have had a front-row seat and been on the ground on diverse infrastructure projects in Roadways, Urban Development, Railways and more. We have experienced and successfully resolved the challenges of managing deviations in project scope, delivered and reviewed bad news with the customer with the assurance we will still make it, and navigated the rough roads to getting claims paid out. Our team combines a passion to make a positive impact with deep technical and legal knowledge and expertise, and the experience of having walked in your shoes. We strive to provide an efficient and reliable support to clients. If necessary, we partner with experts in domain specific verticals through our global business network.