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Claims Management

The Claims process is tedious and complicated. Innovation in design, materials and regulations and laws have introduced further complexities in the form of risks and disputes. Preventing disputes that can lead to litigation, arbitration and adjudication is as critical as processing existing claims.

Our Claims Management support includes study and analysis of correspondences related to claims, preparation of claims proposals and dispute notices, representation of the case for amicable settlement, assistance in choosing the legal counsel and Arbitrator and periodical appraisal of the status of claims. Our team has hands on experience in dealing with arbitration cases in the court of law.

i2R emphasizes building relationships and we believe our clients are invested in the same approach with their clients. While we support you to manage existing claims, our robust through-the-lifecycle contract and project risk management services, standardized methods of integrated cost and time estimates help you prevent disputes and concentrate on seamless project execution. Our goal is to help you maintain cordial client relationships and grow a sustainable business.

i2R provides the following sub-services in Claims Management Services (CLMS)
  • Identification and notification of potential dispute situation and claim formulation.
  • Ensuring the admissibility of claims arising out of the Agreement.
  • Taking up the case with the Engineer and (or) the Authority for amicable resolution.
  • Preparation of Dispute Notices with a pragmatic approach.
  • Assist in representing the case in meeting for amicable settlement.
  • Guide and advice on each step of the arbitration process like, timelines, procedural rules,
       submissions, roles and responsibilities of those involved.
  • Assist in selection of Arbitrator.
  • Liaise with legal counsel as required.
  • Drafting of Statement of Claim.
  • Preparing a rejoinder.
  • Submission of written arguments to the tribunal.
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