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Electronic Documentation System (E-DMS)

Did you or your colleagues face questioning as to where is the document? Why cant we trace it? What is taking you so long to check? How did we loose it? Did we reply? Why are we late or Give me contractual details of a project etc. etc. If the above happened then it is the time for you to introspect and try for E-DMS. This application shall answer to all the above questions with couple of clicks. We thought that there should be an application which should bridge this gap of communication among various stakeholders and therefore, came the idea of E-DMS development and implementation. E-DMS is designed to eliminate the chaos of documentation, tracking.

E-DMS http://edms.groupi2r.com/login helps you and your team to keep away the nagging of documentation, it puts an end to the continuous e-mail correspondences, phone-calls and other sort of follow-up’s. Time has come to go paperless, manage digital content and automate document driven process.

We believe that this application will revolutionize how teams work with their document flow and its management across various projects. We have been using this tool since 3 (three) years and are saving approximately 5-6 days per month which accounts to 18% on savings in terms of man-power.

Our cloud-based platform gives you the ability to visually see how documents are placed systematically in projects and provides visibility to potential issues, identification of conflicts before they occur so that they can be quickly resolved and shall streamline your capacity on planning and project management processes, SOP’s etc. E-DMS can be accessed from any browser, operating system and device. What-else, you need no installation!!! Just kee-in the URL with the username and password and get going!!!

i2R’s E-DMS is been used extensively internally across its projects.   E-DMS falls under the following Categories: Change Management (Version Control) Document Management File Sharing Issue Tracking Reporting

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